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RC Model Boat Rio 51

RC model boats, like the Rio 51, are quickly becoming the best selling radio controlled boats on the market. A high quality gas RC boat will stand up to even the worst weather. So make sure that you spend the extra money on a premium ship. It doesn’t matter if you are looking to get an RC speed boat or a nitro remote control boat; you are going to have fun out on the lake with whatever you go with. However, if you are looking for your remote controlled boat to act a specific way, you may want to do a bit of research first. So before you head to the lake with your model boat, make sure you have everything you need to make it an enjoyable experience.

RC Model Boat TrailerRC Model Boat Stop

Now, there are several different tips that we have to offer about remote controlled model boats. If you are going to go with a fast model boat, we suggest you get yourself a custom paintjob like the one below.

RC Model Boat Paintjob

However, if you decide to go in a different direction and get something like a battleship, we suggest that you keep everything standard. A battleship would not look very threatening painted orange and blue. If you do buy a battleship, you want to make sure that it is made out of a strong material. Along with that, you want to make sure it comes with all of the important features like anti-aircraft guns and a sonar tower. Here is a good example of what a high quality RC battleship should look like.

RC Model Boat Battleship

If you are looking for something more specialized, there are also other options. Specialty boats often give you a great look. However, the downside is that the companies that make these boats put too much emphasis on looks and not enough on quality. But if you are looking for a ship that is different from all of the rest, this may be the best way to go. You just have to make sure that you take very good care of it. Below are a couple of examples of some specialty boats. I particularly like the RC firefighting boat.

RC Model Boat Fire Fighter NQD RC Model Boat Super Hawaii

Specialized boats are certainly not for everyone. If you would like to get a custom look without having to sacrifice quality, you might consider buying a regular RC jet boat and getting a custom paint job. This is illustrated in the picture below. The great thing about doing this is that you know that nobody else is going to have the same great look that you do. Plus, a paintjob is much more affordable than having to replace a specialty boat every year.

RC Model Boat Custom Paint

There is however, one boat that offers a unique look without sacrificing quality. This top secret boat is called the Arrow Wind. This boat is banned from many radio control boat racing events around the world. With a 9 horsepower engine and world class handling, this is by far the best boat you can buy for your money. Although the battery back looks half the size of regular boats, it actually can hold a charge for twice as long. With less battery weight, the Arrow Wind is able to travel at much higher speeds. You can be the James Bond of the sea with this boat. No one will be able to come close to you when you press that throttle down. Although this boat is a little more expensive, it is an remote control model boat that you cannot live without. Other RC speed boats will be left in your wake. If you are set on beating other boats out there, then this nitro radio controlled boat is the answer. I’ve seen this boat in action; you would not believe how good it looks cruising through the water.

RC Model Boats come in some pretty wild designs.

In a close second place is the red Formula boat shown below. Ingeniously crafted for sleek performance, you would be amazed to see how smoothly it glides over the water. This lightweight boat is the way to go if you do not like the look or feel of the Arrow Wind. The air scoop on the top of the boat brings in cold air to cool the engine down, allowing for optimum performance. This boat will definitely keep other RC ships in the pond at bay. You will not want to ever drive any other boat again after taking this bad boy for a spin around the lake. Even people who own real boats will be in awe of this perfectly designed machine.

RC Model Boat Formula

The last remote control boat I want to discuss is the Majesty 800S. This classic RC speedboat has won numerous awards. Although this boat has recently been passed up by boats with newer technology, this classic boat has something to offer that neither of the other ones does. This boat gives you the look of a normal speed boat, while at the same time giving you some of the best acceleration and handling available on the market today. This boat is what we consider a sleeper. It does not appear like it is a very high performance boat, but it will blow just about any other boat out of the water. If you are looking for a boat with high performance and some thrills, then this is what you should consider getting.

RC model boat kits are really great.  You can built RC scale model boats all by yourself.  There are more than speed boats; they have tug boats and many others for sale.

RC Model Boat, Yacht style.

With so many different remote controlled model boat options to choose from, it may seem a bit overwhelming. Just keep in mind that radio controlled boats are meant to be fun. If you ever start to get frustrated at remote control boats, then it is time to walk away. To simplify your search, determine what your boat's purpose will be. Then decide what characteristics of a boat are most important to you. Once you do this, your search will be narrowed down and it will be much easier to decide on a great looking boat for you. One thing is for sure, there is nothing like having a fast toy boat. If you do decide to get one of the top of the line RC jet boats that have been discussed, all of your friends and other RC speed boat owners will be jealous.

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