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Everyone always wants the fastest RC Boat on the water. For many people, they are a seriously exciting and fun hobby. However, other people like to race their radio controlled Boats and even though it sucks when they crash, let's not kid ourselves...the destruction gives us a vicarious thrill! For these reasons, many people prefer a fast RC speed boat like the one pictured above. Most people, however, just like to use their boats for leisure. So before you decide what kind of RC boat kit you want, it is important to think about what purpose your remote controlled boat will be serving. If you are equipped with a boat that doesn’t fit your needs, you will not have a good time. So be sure to do some research about all of the different kinds of radio controlled boats before you just buy the first one you see. If you do your due diligence, you can happily cruise the high seas in no time. Just make sure you don’t crash into any other old sailors out there, or they may have to call in the RC Coast Guard.

So before you ship out on your remote controlled boat journey, make sure you have all of the information you need to make your cruise a pleasant one. Make sure you listen to this advice, or you’ll be recovering your RC parts from the bottom of the lake! However, for those of you who are ready for the high seas and have a need for speed; the nitro RC boat shown below may be just the ticket for you.

RC boats on the water

Gas boat options are plentiful in the world of the fast radio control boat. That's not to say electric boats are slow, but a gas powered model could easily outrun all electric RC watercraft if they are tuned properly. Both are immensely fun to drive on lakes, ponds and even the river if you're skilled enough to handle the navigation. One of the benefits to electric remote controlled models is you are usually able to drive them longer as the battery packs typically last longer than the fuel of gas boats. Some people won't have it any other way and will only buy gas RC boats, but personally I have both and see the benefits of both. Having a fast RC boat isn't my only criteria and if you're considering getting into Nitro RCs, you should weigh the pros and cons of both platforms. Nitro models are growing in the industry and there are even Nitro models being raced in several Asian countries. America has somewhat adopted this new trend, as you'll notice more and more Gas modelt action taking place in your neck of the woods. You might find an electric RC boat class and you might even find some people driving RC sailboats.

A high quality motorboat like this will have you passing up all of the other boaters on the pond. However, there are many different types of radio controlled boats on the market today. Anything from gas RC models to RC jet models. So if you are looking for something to sail in your leisure time, you may want to consider something with a little less speed and more control. Either way, you want to make sure that whatever type of boat you get is a quality one. Shown below are remote control boats from different ends of the spectrum in the RC boating arena. RC sailboats have even gained popularity in recent years, giving drivers yet another alternative to the Nitros. RC Sailboats are a little more mellow and sometimes more pleasant to drive because the steering is easy to control.

RC racing boat speed yellow RC sailboat blue red

As you can see, these are 2 different types of remote control boats for 2 different purposes. You certainly are not going to try to race the sailboat, or take the speedboat out for a leisurely cruise. Remember though, these are the 2 far ends of the spectrum, so you can certainly find a nice ship that is in between the 2 of these. Hardcore RC boaters may make a strong argument for one or the other, but you need to choose the right vessel for your purposes. Many people prefer a fast RC boat, just make sure that your boat is made out of high quality materials or the swells may have your boat looking like the Titanic. Keep in mind that you do have many options when it comes to speed, size, color, and control. If you get a boat that doesn’t fit your needs, it might ruin RC boating for you forever. For those who are into specialty boats, you might want to look into something like the boat below:

RC everglade boat Jet Runner

This mini boat is specifically designed for everglade type conditions. So this boat would be perfect for swampy conditions. Its aerodynamic design allows it to travel at high speeds while maintaining solid control. This is probably the best boat for going through abnormal water conditions. The duel propellers located above the water allow this ship to navigate through extremely shallow water, which makes it perfect for getting away from antagonistic boats or large fish. I would highly recommend getting a similar boat if you are looking for a specialty boat. When you do find the boat that is right for you, be sure to get all of the RC parts and accessories to go along with it.

RC sunken ship on island badachro

If you would like to avoid your RC tugboat looking like this, then be sure to get some remote controlled boat accessories to go along with your ship. A good cleaner will keep a gas RC watercraft in top condition for years to come. Also, be sure to remove all aquatic plant life from your boat after use to make sure our bodies of water stay clean and disease free. Like any investment, a radio controlled boat is something you are going to have to live with for sometime, so be sure that you keep it in top notch shape. An RC speedboat can quickly become driftwood if not taken care of properly. So be sure to study up about your boat, and the best ways to take care of it. Shown below is an RC model.

RC Aircraft Carrier 2878 Challenger

Modeled after an aircraft carrier, this radio controlled baby can be some serious fun. If you’re looking to take over as the king of the lake, than this is the gas powered model for you. Not only can this boat take on the biggest waves a lake has to offer, but it can navigate quickly and smoothly to wherever you need to go. Another great thing about this package is that it comes standard with helicopters and fighter jets. This boat would be great for anyone that ever liked to play with GI Joes. Made with highly durable plastic, this ship could be a threat to be reckoned with for years to come. However, if the military look isn’t for you, there are plenty of other options to choose from. Gas powered boats have proven to captivate fans of all ages.

RC Nitro Boat S2 Rush

The speedboat shown above is a very popular item among RC enthusiasts. Since it has top of the line speed and great control, it makes it an ideal boat for races. With a 3 ½ horsepower engine, this thing can get going. With top speeds of 1 ¼ miles per hour, you are sure to leave any competitor in the dust. Keep in mind however, that RC boating is meant to be fun. If you take it too seriously, you will not have a good time. So be sure to pick a boat that is right for you and keep it clean and safe. Gas powered RCs can become somewhat of a messy hobby if you aren't a careful and organized.

Gas powered Boats are probably the single most popular variation in the hobby, but other variations are growing. If you want something a little simpler and easier to maintain, perhaps a electric or sailboat might be in order, but if you want balls to the wall action and speed, gas powered RC models are the only way to go!

Not the motorboat you’re looking for? Well don’t worry; it is easy for any old sailor to find a radio controlled boat once they have the right information. Many people do not realize that RC boats are affordable and tons of fun. With a rise in popularity, many manufacturers are scrambling to meet the demand for a variety of radio controlled boats. Instead of creating a standard RC model, many companies are starting to create specialty boats so people can have their own unique ship. Radio controlled toys like the one below can make for great presents on holidays.


This mini model is perfect for younger children. Not only does it have decent speed and control, but it also gives them a great radio controller so they won’t lose the signal. Kids are always looking for new toys, especially toys to play with in the water. So why give them the standard RC racecar that every other kid has? You can be remembered as the one who gave them the fun present they had hours of fun with in the water. Not only do these make great presents for kids, but an remote control boat can make a great present for adults to. Consider getting the Titanic style boat for any history buffs in your family.


This replica RC model of the Titanic offers endless fun. Not only does this huge ship look great, but it also performs well. As long as you can manage to avoid icebergs, then this ship is in my top 10 list of RC boats for 2012. However, if you do not like huge boats but still want something that looks threatening, there are still several options to choose from. The compact, yet efficient boat that I am talking about is the Dickie-Marines boat. This boat offers great high-end speed and cool accessories like gun turrets and helicopters. However, this boat is quick to tip over when the waves start to get too big. So be sure to keep this boat close to shore and out of harm’s way.


This great looking boat will sure to scare off any pirates or seabass that may think about launching an attack. However, if this boat isn’t big enough for all of you military gurus, there are other options out there. This massive RC aircraft carriers is the closest to an unsinkable ship that there is. This highly durable boat is safe from just about any threat that may come its way.


However, if size and safety are not your concern, you may want to look at other options that many radio controlled toy enthusiasts are turning to. Some people consider this a mini radio controlled boat, when in reality it is an RC Jet ski. This little RC speedster is great for crashing through the waves along shore. Since it is easily capsized, it is always a good idea to keep products like this close to shore. This is by far one of the coolest looking radio controlled toys on the market.


Although many people consider these great products, many others would prefer something a little bigger than the Jet ski and a little smaller than the aircraft carrier. This next boat is ideal for those people who would prefer something that has a size somewhere in between. This supremely engineered machine is the best handling electric remote controlled boat on the market. The duel propellers and spoiler allow for high speed and control. This is the top choice among many RC racing enthusiasts. The top of the line radio controller and long-lasting battery pack make this a great purchase for anyone that would like a quality RC boating experience.


With high stability, this gas radio control boat is great for taking leisurely cruises around the lake. The extra-long antenna allows for a high range of control, letting you travel out to the deepest part of the pond. This might be a great boat for beginners who are not sure if they can handle the speed of a high performance boat yet. This futuristic RC pontoon boat has some great features.


If you have ever thought about getting fast and furious out on the water, then this boat below is the boat for you. With a 7 horsepower inboard engine, this is one of the fastest RC jetboats on the market. Aerodynamically designed to perform at the highest speeds, this boat is sure to when you some races around the pond. You will literally blow everyone else out of the water. Besides just producing speed, the Tomahawk also looks great. The aftermarket racing flags down the sides and front give it the look of a champion. Keep in mind that these types of toys should not be in the hands of beginners or children. Operating a fast model like this without experience could ruin the boat or be dangerous to other people around you. .


If this boat is too much speed for you, you may want to consider hand-crafted boat like this one that can give you the opportunity to design a boat that fits your specific needs. With a light weight frame and a custom built engine, your unique boat should dominate the competition. Even if you do not have the skills or tools to do this, it may be advantageous to seek out someone who does if you are serious about racing RC boats. Not only will your boat perform better, but it will also give you a custom look that no other person has. So before you just go out any buy any radio controlled boat, be sure to reference this page to find out all of the information you need about the different types of boats and how they perform.

When you are ready to hit the water, you want to be sure that you have the best remote control boat for yourself. If you do not have a ship that suits your needs, you are going to end up in dire straits. You do not want to see your gas remote controlled boat destroyed because you decided to race it against bigger boats. However, when you do find some remote control boats that you like, you want to be sure that they have a quality remote. If the remote does not give you full control of speed and maneuvering, you may want to consider a different boat. A nice RC remote and RC battery pack can be the difference between enjoying boating and hating it. 


Clearly, there are some options when it comes to selecting your remote control boat. It is important to select a remote control and battery pack that are going to last a long time and produce high power. Many people have had their boating day ruined because their ship got stranded at sea. Swimming out in cold water to retrieve your boat will certainly put a bad taste in your mouth about RC speed boats. But if you do decide that a battery pack and remote are not important, you may want to consider getting a tug boat, like the one below, to rescue your ship when it runs out of battery power.


The great thing about getting something like a leisurely tug boat is that it normally comes with a nice stand for it. Some packages also include fun RC boat accessories like little plastic men to ride on the ship. However, you want to make sure they are securely in your ship, or you may end up losing these toys out at sea forever. Avoiding bad boating conditions can also prevent terrible boating accidents from occurring. If you are looking for one of the safest ships around, be sure to consider something with a motor that is similar to the one below.


The duel propellers on the back offer some of the best handling around. The motor, along with the titanium steel railings, make this one of the safest RC boats on the market. This boat is ideal if you know you are going to be going through rough waters. Just be sure to steer clear of any rocks, or this dream ship may end up at the bottom of the sea. Jagged rocks can be a remote controlled boat’s worst enemy. If you do happen to run into some rocks, think about sending in the combat special mission boat to try and rescue any parts. As you can see in the picture below, this is a top of the line radio controlled toy.


With duel fan engines and bumpers around all sides of the ship, this RC hovercraft can make it through even the worst conditions. This awesome ship can safely maneuver around anything you might come across in the water. However, if you’re not fortunate enough to have a ship like this, you may just have to surrender your RC boat to the water. If you are lucky enough to salvage it, be sure to contact a local store to see if you can get some RC boat parts to replace the ones that were destroyed.

There are also some other hazards that your remote control boat could face. Some of these hazards include bad weather, real boats, and unruly children. Lightning and high winds can be the end of your RC speed boat if you do not get your ship off of the water soon enough. You also want to be sure that you do not try to take your boat out into too deep of water. Once you get out 20 feet from shore, your gas powered RC boat is susceptible to being run over by any real boat or Jet Ski that cruises by. There will be no rescue mission for your boat when it is smashed into a million pieces by a Skidoo. You also want to make sure you do not get too close to shore. Children swimming at nearby beaches may take interest in your vessel and decide it would be fun to sink it. Do not let your RC model boat become a victim.


Remote control boats can also be great for fictional fishing trips. If you have a wild imagination, then a boat like the one above may be the ticket for you. Equipped with plastic fishing rods and a 2 horsepower engine, this is one of the best RC fishing boats on the market. Who knows, you may even catch some monster minnows out there on the high seas. These 2 inch minnows could be the envy of all of the other mini RC boats.


However, if pretend deep sea fishing is not your cup of tea, than the next remote control boat may be just what you are looking. This boat is specifically designed for speed. The Air Force has a reverse engineered propeller, allowing it to propel itself with high powered winds. You just want to make sure that this boat does not get away from you too fast. With these high speeds, it is easy to lose the signal within a matter of seconds. So be prepared to run down the shoreline after this speed demon.

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Remote control boats, in my opinion, are one of the best hobbies out there. Not only do you get to enjoy the great outdoors, but electric RC boats give you the chance to cruise the seas at an affordable price. Getting behind the remote control of an RC speed boat can be better than getting behind the wheel of a real boat. There is much less maintenance, and you still get the chance to speed around the lake. Whatever your RC boating desires are, be sure you get a ship with a high performance remote and battery pack like the one below.